Product Design

Have a complex idea that can turn into a good product? Our design experts are here to help you put your ideas to life.

Turning ideas into products!

Our engineers will work on researching, conceptualizing, and prototyping ideas, as well as testing and refining the final design. Our goal with product design is to create products that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and meet the needs of the target market. The process typically involves a team of designers, engineers, and other professionals working together to bring a product from concept to production. We design products across a wide range of industries, including consumer products, industrial products, medical devices, and more.

What makes our designs so good?

Creativity + Future-Proofing

We come up with new and innovative ideas that solve problems you may face as you scale.

Design for Manufacturing

We design products with the goal of cost effective manufacturing using readily available components.

Other services we can help with

MID Group provides a range of services to start-ups, SMEs and Corporates.

Our work process to get started

We have a passion for partnering with start-ups to help them in their journey of scaling up and becoming global companies.


Build Strategy

Market analysis
Building User Personas
Product Roadmap
Pricing Strategy


Product Design & Development

Industrial and UX Design
Embedded Firmware Development
Software Development
Design for Availability & Manufacturing



Functional and User Testing
Engineering and Design Validation
Production Validation



Lab testing
Certification Support
Regulatory Compliance Support


Satisfied Clients


Projects Completed


Product Units Manufactured

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We power your ideas, no matter where you are in the design process.

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